The Most Affordable Top B-Schools
By Erin Zlomek
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Pricey MBA Programs With Generous Aid

Photograph by Jonathan Kitchen/Getty Images

How much of your own money do you need to get through a top MBA program? It's hardly a simple question. Here we try to help you sort through the numbers and the schools. On the slides that follow, we list the mean financial aid package offered by Bloomberg Businessweek's highest-ranked full-time MBA programs. These packages include loans. The remainder is what would be covered by a student's personal savings, private lenders, and any other creative funding sources that are available.

For the estimated cost of attending each program, we used the school's suggested student budget for the most recent academic year available, which includes tuition, fees, and living expenses for one person. We then used that to determine the percentage of costs covered by aid and an estimate of remaining costs for one year.  The schools are ranked based on the annual costs a recipient of the average aid package at each school would have to pay from nonaid sources. (Four schools, Wharton, Booth, Duke, and Haas, did not provide financial aid information.)